Set your own direction and monitor your speed


The world is changing daily and anyone taking a casual stroll through life or parking themselves in a quiet comfort zone is likely to be left behind, we all need to keep moving forward and our choice of vehicle is important.

If you don’t learn to steer your life in a worthwhile direction at a relatively early age you may become influenced or dependent on others, who can easily lead you into dark places that you don’t really want to go.

If you fail to control your speed you will either travel too slowly and lose your balance, or move too fast and crash.

As you develop your riding and driving skills you can gradually upgrade to a sturdier or faster vehicle to cope with the unexpected conditions you meet on life’s journey, but you should never forget the basic lessons you learn from riding a bicycle.

A bike can empower you to freely move forward in life and it always ensures that the distance you cover is in direct proportion to your own individual efforts.

It can also teach you to communicate in ways that reflect caring, intelligent and honest values, because if your actions don’t support worthwhile values - the wheels of your bike will move out of alignment and you will lose control.