Draw a map that measures your time, money, expectations and experience


To plan your future you need to know where you are, where you’ve been and where you want to go, but first you need to improve the quality of your decision-making.

The majority of conclusions we arrive at are based on ‘emotion supported by logic’, but we come to trust our own decision-making to such an extent we mistakenly believe it is - ‘logic supported by emotion’.

In reality nature trains us to react by using the part of our brain that measures our emotions, a nanosecond before the part that evaluates the logic of that decision.

These instincts enable us to move rapidly away from pain or threats without having to think, but it also means - we cannot actually take control of our life until we learn to control our impulses.

Self-control is the key to your future success and happiness, without it you’re lost.

It is only by considering this point and focusing on changing our habits that we are able to train our minds to ‘think’ more and ‘react’ less - this is what gradually enables us to strengthen our levels of self-control.

For this reason, whenever I develop strategies or solve problems with organisations, I use a simple four-sided mind-map that focuses on tackling the logical ‘hard’ elements before we address the emotional ‘soft’ elements.

First I ask leadership groups to consider TIME and MONEY by assessing their Income, Expenditure and Asset Growth for the past three years, because if you are not in control of your Time and Money you’re either treading water or going backwards.

Once we’ve done that, we discuss the next three years and how we might bring about transformational change.

We then review the softer elements of EXPECTATIONS and begin to measure them against the EXPERIENCES that have been delivered or will deliver for those two periods - taking control requires emotional stability and you only gain that by learning to predict your future with increasing certainty.

I believe we can all create the life we ‘feel’ we deserve, but only if we are able to see evidence that our ‘expectations’ for a happy and fulfilling future are actually being fulfilled – to achieve that, we need a map and a strategy that shows how we are progressing towards that ‘experience’ on a weekly and monthly basis.