Seek the truth and be guided by moral gravity


We are all born with an inquisitive nature and thankfully the majority of us possess an in-built ‘moral compass’ that strives to guide us in the ‘right’ direction.

Whether that direction leads you more towards what is ‘right for you’ rather than what is ‘right for society’, can vary widely depending on the role models you choose and the level of emotional maturity you are able to achieve.

While we all have natural survival instincts and many of us are competitive, most of us strive to achieve our goals without knowingly harming others, but it is estimated that somewhere between 1% and 4% of adults have serious anti-social or narcissistic personality disorders (often referred to as ‘sociopaths’ or ‘psychopaths’).

These individuals are so lacking in empathy or conscience they feel entitled to cheat and lie without remorse and rarely develop any emotional maturity.

Furthermore, as we live in a society where greed and arrogance are often mistaken for decisiveness and rewarded accordingly, many of these people are able to use their manipulative abilities to become senior managers and business leaders - with some rising to positions where they control multinational companies and countries.

Thankfully we can recognise such self-serving behavior by comparing what people ‘say’ with what they ‘do’ and holding them to account, but we can only develop this ability by allowing ourselves time to think and time to double check the facts.

In my experience I have found that it would also help us to hone these skills if we all learned to speak less, listen more and calibrate our ‘moral compass’ daily.